5 tips for better mental health

1. Clarify what you can and can not control

Learning to accept that you can not control everything is an important key to feeling better mentally. Therefore, make it clear to yourself what you can control, and cannot control when something is pulling you down.

Exercise: Write down and do two different lists; a list of what you can control and a list of what you can not control. This makes you see more clearly, where you should set your focus and easier accept the things you can’t control.


2. Observe before you react

A good method for not stressing yourself out in your everyday life is to practice observing before you react. This is about learning to observe the feeling and thoughts before you react. Meditation can be a good tool for practicing this kind of mindset, to learn to let feelings and thoughts come and pass without making action on everything that arises.

Exercise: Every time you get a feeling when your first instinct is to react, try to pause and remind yourself; Is this action making my day better or worse? Who will it affect?


3. Identify the main problem

Identifying the main problem and where the worry, anxiety or feeling is based is an important key to better mental wellbeing. The main problem is the reason of what causes the feelings. For example a feeling of not being enough, is maybe because of the expectations that you have on yourself? Take a break and reflect to make sure to identify and find the main problem first, so you don´t waste time trying to solve the wrong problem.

Exercise: Write down what is pulling you down and ask yourself; Do I see a pattern? Is it something that I can control? Write down the answer to your questions to see things clearer and then ask yourself; What can I do today to make this better?


4. Give the body what it needs

Eating well and exercise on a daily basis really boosts your mental health. Regular walks or exercise can really shift your mindset and make your mind more clear. Considering that most of the body’s happiness hormone, serotonin, is formed in the gut, a nutritious diet is therefore important. Therefore, make sure to eat food that is nutritious and also to eat enough food so you get the energy that you need.

Exercise: Learn to listen to your body what it needs instead of what society says it needs. Ask yourself; How does my body feel today, what kind of movement and food is best for me today?


5. Give yourself time for development

To give yourself time for development is probably today’s most luxurious way to take care of yourself. To actually take time to ask yourself questions to create awareness is always the first step in development. By talking to someone outside, for example a coach, you can regularly get time for yourself and focus on your wellbeing. To check in with yourself on a regular basis every week or every day can also be a good tool to create an awareness and possibilities to develop.

Exercise: Do a weekly check in with yourself with these questions to constantly reflect and work with your mind; How do I feel today? How do I want to feel next week? What should I do to feel this way?