Create new habits in 21 days

Do you want to do a reset before summer and get into good habits and routines? Then “The 21 days reset” is something for you! Did you know that according to studies, it only takes 21 days to break bad habits and create new good ones? In the online course “The 21 days reset” you will be guided step by step how to improve your overall health in 21 days. The course also includes a 30-minute coaching session.


Routines & mindset

In “The 21 days reset” you are guided in morning routines and evening routines that consist of a combination of mental and physical training. You´ll also get exercises to work with during the weeks, so that you can more easily stick to your new habits and get a fresh start on several levels in life. Every day you also get a mantra for a daily reminder.


Diet & exercise

In the handbook, you also get dinner recipes for all weekdays during the next three weeks, and tips and ideas for simple and nutritious breakfasts and lunches. The recipes are easy to prepare and adapted to give you a balanced diet with a focus on nutritious and clean food containing good fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Every day you also have an activity in the form of physical movement, this part is also adapted so that you can easily incorporate it into everyday life.