How to boost your lymphatic system

Deep breathing


The first trick that we can use to boost the whole lymphatic system is to breathe properly. Since the largest lymphatic hearts are located inside the chest, it is important to activate these central lymphatic vessels before activating the smaller lymphatic vessels in, for example, arms or legs. The lymphatic vessels of the chest cannot be affected by muscle movements or massage, but can be activated by deep breathing exercises. When we inhale and the ribcage expands, not only the lungs expand but also the lymphatic vessels inside the ribcage. Taking long, deep breaths boosts your lymphatic system and also helps calm the entire nervous system.


Lymph massage


To massage ourselves is usually one of the most effective ways when we want to get our lymphatic system in a better flow through our bodies. A lymph massage should be gentle with long strokes over the body. The important thing with lymphatic massage is to start in the right order, so the lymph gets started and flows in the best way. Always start at the collarbones, considering that this part of the body is a bit like a faucet for the system and allows the lymph in the rest of the body to start working. For example, with swollen ankles, it is always good to start massaging at the collarbones to open up the flow first. When doing lymphatic massage, you should therefore always massage in the following order:


Collarbone > Upper Neck > Armpits > Arms > Chest > Waist > Groin > Knees > Lower Legs


Extra tip! It is good to include dry brushing as an extra boost, in the same order as the massage. Dry brushing helps detoxify your skin by increasing blood circulation and in that way promoting the lymph flow. It’s also a good way to remove dead skin cells for a clean and glowing skin. Both massage and dry brushing is good to do daily every morning, so the lymph moves during the day when you are more active.


Drink enough water


Keeping the body hydrated makes it easier for lymph to move through the body. Make sure to drink two litres of water every day to optimise nutrient absorption, transport nutrients into the body and to help remove waste products. When we drink more water, we make it easier for the body to move the lymph liquid around and remove toxins from the system. If we don’t drink enough water, it can be hard for the lymph system to remove the toxins in our body and keep the right hydration.


Daily movements


A fair dose of daily movement gets our lymphatic system in a better flow. When we move our bodies, we create a natural movement of the lymph liquids and boost the flow through the whole body. Gentle movements such as doing angel wings, legs up to the ceiling, cat/cow and circling the shoulders in gentle movements are some simple exercises that will help get your lymphatic system going.

The lymph system can be an important key to boost a healthy lifestyle and improve your health in many ways. Lymph massage and lymph boosting movements can therefore be a good thing to add to your morning routine.

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