Meet Lina

My name is Lina Eriksson and I am a holistic health coach and nutrition advisor. Working holistic means working with your overall health. A holistic perspective where you not only look at what you eat and how you move, but also at parts such as mental health, social life, career and relationships with others and yourself. Taking a look at all these different areas in life gives you better overall health and more easily creates a healthy balance in life.


– Coaching with me suits you who want to improve your overall health –


You don’t need to have a specific topic to talk about at the start, this can be something that we will come up with toghether during the first session. I always put you as the client in focus, and after our first session put together a plan that suits you. I do all my coaching over the phone or online, so that you can easily find time in your everyday life to be coached.

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